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An Ounce of Prevention…

It used to be that you went to your local eye doctor to get glasses when your vision became blurry. That was the reason for your visit. Your vision was broken and the doctor would fix it. This is known as the break-fix model of medicine and it was all doctors knew how to do.

Fast forward to today. Now optometrists are embracing a new model of care: prevention. Did you know that there are now ways to slow the progression of myopia, or nearsightedness in kids? Did you know there are ways to prevent macular degeneration from becoming worse? Did you know that optometrists can detect diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts, and around ten other conditions years before you have symptoms? And, yes, did you know that by examining you, optometrists can tell if you are not replacing your contact lenses on time, which can lead to sight-threatening infections?

This shift is happening before our eyes. The top eye doctors still treat all of the common reasons for blurred vision which drives the majority of patients into their offices. But now, the top eye doctors are investing considerable effort into prevention. You will find new equipment for early detection in their offices. You will find yourself having expanded discussions with these doctors. What you will not find is this same mindset in offices with lower tiered care. Why, because those employed or contracted doctors are not given the time by administrators to spend with their patients, nor the budgets to invest in the training and technology required to get it right.

What is stopping you from seeing an eye doctor who is concerned with your whole body wellness and preventing things from happening before they happen? For most people, it is finding that right doctor; the one you will see every year for your well visit who will get to know you and your family, not a different doctor every year.

Our job at Well EyeCare is to act as your trusted advisor in the eye care world. We hand pick and only allow the top doctors in our network. The ones who will strive to create a great long term relationship with you. The ones who will work to prevent problems before they come. The doctors who are looking out for your best interest today and into the future.

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